Can the TheraFace Pro Replace All Other Beauty Devices? We Put It to the Test

Get to know this game-changing gadget.
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Jun 16, 2022

What has all of the benefits of gua sha, LED light therapy, a Clarisonic brush, cryotherapy, and a microcurrent facial? TheraBody's newest device—the TheraFace Pro—and no, it's not too good to be true. TheraBody's first-ever beauty device is going viral off the heels of NuFace's popularity but, unlike the NuFace, the TheraFace Pro comes with eight different modality attachments—including a microcurrent ring (that tightens and chisels), LED light settings for anti-aging, as well as warming and cooling rings for depuffing and muscle relief.

Akin to the TheraBody commonly used by athletes, the primary function of the all-in-one device is to reduce tension, relax facial muscles, and achieve healthier-looking skin with treatments tailored to your specific skin needs. Launched in April of this year, the TheraFace Pro sold out twice in its first month. Although I'm not one to buy into beauty trends based solely on virality, with so many promised functions for every kind of skin concern, I had to try it.

Scroll ahead for my in-depth review of the TheraFace Pro with everything I learned along the way and if it's worth adding to your routine.


    • Easy to use
    • Convenient
    • Long battery life
    • Immediate muscle and migraine relief
    • Eight devices in one


    • Price

The TheraFace Pro at a Glance

The TheraFace Pro claims to lift, tone, and rejuvenate the skin thanks to percussive therapy (to reduce muscle tension), toning microcurrent therapy, and rejuvenating light therapy. This all-in-one device is designed to treat all three layers of the skin: the top layer (epidermis), the middle layer (dermis), and the bottom layer (hypodermis). It includes three treatment rings, three percussive heads, a charging cord, a dock for storage, an accessories pouch, and conductive gel. The hand-held device magnetically holds each ring in place and features a built-in timer that dings every 15 seconds to keep track of your movements. It boasts a two-hour battery life and a one-year warranty.

About Percussive Therapy

Percussive therapy was developed and patented by TheraBody founder Dr. Jason Wersland to treat his own back pain from a life-threatening motorcycle accident. Beginning with a hand-made contraption that served as TheraGun’s first prototype in 2013, the chiropractic doctor discovered that the rapid and repetitive application of pressure is a very effective pain treatment, helping to cure himself and his patients.

“Percussive therapy heats the tissue and elicits blood flow, and blood flow is your source of life,” TheraBody’s Director of Brand Education tells us. “If you have inflammation, getting blood flow to the area is giving it nutrients and helping it move because heat can change the viscosity of fluid sitting stagnant in the face,” she adds.

This is precisely why they set out to bring percussive therapy to the face. Dr. Wersland began treating patients with headaches and TMJ pain (temporomandibular joint) in his own office, and, with the mission to help as many people as possible, he realized the need to make the new TheraFace Pro device accessible to all. Benefits of percussive therapy for the face include reduced pain and tension, increased circulation, and headache relief.

How to Use the Attachments


The Cleansing Brush

The cleansing brush head is made of soft silicone bristles that are easy to clean and hygienic. It uses micro-compressions to increase blood flow and heat to the muscle and tissue, unlike other face-washing brushes that only use vibration.

"What's great about cleansing with percussive therapy is that it improves circulation quickly, so you get a glow and perkiness to your skin post-use." a brand rep explains. The device is water-resistant and not water-proof, so it's not suggested to use it in the shower or submerge the unit in water. To clean, remove the cleansing ring and rinse under warm water and be sure that the bottom (where it connects magnetically) is dry before reattaching.


The Microcurrent Ring

First, what is microcurrent therapy? "It's an electrical pulse that passes between the two nodes," shares a brand representative. That electrical pulse passes through the skin, stimulating the muscles. The idea is that by stimulating the facial muscles, which are connected to the skin, you'll be able to lift, firm, and tone the skin's appearance.

The device includes the TheraOne Conductive Gel which should be applied all over the face before using the microcurrent ring. "You never want to put the microcurrent ring on your face without using a gel. Your skin acts as a barrier, and it will shock you," she says, explaining that you will not see any possible benefits without the combined use of conductive gel with microcurrent.

You want to use upward-lifting motions to stimulate and train the muscles. It's good to start at your chin, using firm pressure to move out towards the cheekbone. Always go in one upward direction on the face and neck (only the sides of your neck, not the center).


The LED Light Ring

The LED (light-emitting diode) ring uses varying wavelengths of light to stimulate and cleanse the skin in three light settings: red light therapy is used to reduce fine lines around the eye and mouth areas; blue light kills bacteria, making it effective for controlling acne and speeding up its healing process; and the last setting combines red and infrared light for an at-home salon-quality treatment in the palm of your hand.


The Heating & Cooling Rings

Sold separately as a pair, the cryothermal rings are helpful for several concerns. Cryotherapy (the cold ring) reduces blood flow and lowers tissue temperature, thus reducing puffiness and inflammation. The hot ring uses thermotherapy to improve blood flow and muscle elasticity.

Both rings have three optimal temperature settings, from 65 degrees to 109 degrees Fahrenheit. "From our research, we don't want anything below 50F touching the face, because your body has a hypothermia response which restricts the veins very quickly," says TheraBody's representative. Repeatedly freezing the same area can damage those veins and the tissues' integrity over time. "No more putting your jade roller in the freezer," she warns.

About Me

My TMJ manifests with chronic jaw clenching throughout the day until my face muscles are so sore that the tension tiptoes up into my temples, causing excruciating headaches.

I've tried every night guard and gua shua technique recommended by my orthodontist, facialist, and acupuncturist; however, I've only found relief with botox, which helps alleviate TMJ pain.

Although the procedure can also offer cosmetic benefits (like facial slimming when the masseter muscles relax and wrinkle prevention in my forehead), the obvious downside of botox is the price. Hence, my unending dedication to search for relief alternatives.

My Review

After three weeks of use, I crave the device multiple times throughout the day, and I can no longer imagine my beauty routine without it. The TheraFace Pro instantly and effortlessly provides salon-level results, but you can use it whenever and however you want—bye-bye expensive facials.

My noticeable results included less-textured skin (one of my main complexion woes), high cheekbones, and a chiseled jawline. Beyond those cosmetic benefits, I’ve experienced so much relief from my clenching jaw. While using the flathead percussive attachment and infrared light ring, almost every pressure point on my face and head feel instantly relieved—as if the tapping melts the stress right out of my muscles. Since using this, I’ve been able to dump Excedrin, a feat I never thought possible. 

Although it’s not included and is a separate add-on, the warming ring is an absolute holy grail for me. It heats up within a couple of seconds, and immediately releases tension in my face. 

Final Verdict: Worth It

This is a purchase you won't regret. As an added bonus, anyone who purchases the TheraFace Pro can sign up for its Education Session where an expert representative guides you through the device and how to incorporate it into your routine. 

Head-to-head, it’s hard to compare TheraFace Pro with NuFace’s microcurrent device when they’re so close in price point, but only one offers an additional seven functions. Plus, TheraFace’s nodes are sized between the NuFace’s Trinity and its Mini device, which are the perfect dimensions for the full face, like the nasal folds and brow bone. The brand’s representative also says that the microcurrents are stronger than that of the NuFace device—and I can attest to this, although it was not painful. The device could easily replace the need for expensive facials and botox, making it a worthy investment in your skincare.

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