Achieve Non-Committal Sun-Kissed Color With These 13 Body Bronzers

They rinse off at the end of the night.
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Jun 6, 2022

A quality self-tanner can be a godsend if you’re looking to achieve a beautifully bronzed glow sans sun. But let's be real: it’s not for everyone and can create streaks and require a long wait time. Fortunately, there’s another product that gives you the same glowing effect without the hassle or commitment: body bronzers. 

Body bronzers are temporary bronzing formulas that provide an instant kiss of color to the skin, add depth and dimension, and overall make your skin glow. They're an excellent way to add color to your limbs last minute, and if you mess up, you can wash them off easily. 

How to Apply Body Bronzers

Just like applying bronzer to your face, there are a few techniques you'll want to use when applying it to your body. According to celebrity makeup artist Suzy Gerstein, whose A-list clients include Karlie Kloss, Milly Bobby Brown, and Christy Turlington Burns, it’s essential to prep skin with a quality moisturizer before bronzing. Let that base soak in while you apply your face makeup.

Once your moisturizer has been absorbed, consider your application method. “Depending on the formula, you can use your hands or a synthetic brush—just be sure to pay extra attention to blending around your joints like elbows and knees where it can tend to crease,” she says.

Gerstein also recommends working in thin layers to avoid gaps or streaking and applying in a well-lit room with ample sunlight. “Finally, try dusting a little bit of subtle shimmer powder on clavicles, shoulders, fronts of shins, anywhere else you want to draw light to give dimension to your bronze," she says. "Bonus: layering gives more longevity as well." Now that you’re set to glow with expert application tips, we've gathered our 13 favorite body bronzers that give you a temporary faux glow in minutes. 

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