What's Your Style Persona? A Guide to Minimalism, Y2K, and Everything in Between

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Jun 7, 2022

Wait—what is personal style, exactly? Celebrities possess it, stylists architect it, and editors deliberate it, but a well-rounded aesthetic is paradoxically tough to develop and stick with. Between the TikTok-fueled Y2K tidal wave, the endurance of minimalism, and the temptation to throw modernity by the wayside and dress like a '50s Audrey Hepburn, consistency becomes a constant challenge. Not to worry, though: our stylists have concretized five need-to-know types of aesthetics so that you can decide which style suits you.

First things first: consider your lifestyle when picking your signature look. Prefer a sunshine-soaked beach day to an afternoon of window-shopping in SoHo? Head straight to the boho-chic aesthetic. Is shopping at Bergdorf or other Fifth Avenue institutions more your speed? Check out the "uptown classic" mode of dressing. No matter your sensibility, there's something in store for you. Literally—we have product recommendations for each and every sense of style. 



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The Serena Van Der Woodsen of aesthetics, boho-chic is for the unfussy dresser who doesn't take themselves too seriously. The designers under the boho-chic umbrella run the gamut from New York hotshots (Ulla Johnson; Altuzarra) to French favorites (Isabel Marant; Chloé). What's shared is a love of print, texture, and funky details, like beading and fringe. As for this season's boho trends, space dye, paisley, crochet, and bountiful fringe are ruling the roost. 



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Fans of elongating cuts, roomy silhouettes, and a clean color story should let minimalism be their holy-grail type of aesthetic. It all started in the mid-2010s, when brands like The Row and Celine zeroed in on well-sculpted garments that abandoned the campy, caffeinated design codes of the aughts. Embracing a belief that the devil is in the details, each stitch is placed to perfection, be it a T-shirt or a luxe leather bag—bringing a couture-like approach to the everyday uniform. Tap into the minimalist look whether hosting, running errands, or grabbing dinner with a friend.

3. Y2K Streetwear

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Debatably the most intoxicating of all types of aesthetics, the Y2K trend is the buzzy upstart of the moment, capturing the hearts of Gen Z in a flash. Defined by a more-is-more approach to dressing, the Y2K aesthetic favors micro-mini skirts, mesh tops, baby tees, and low-rise pants—tied together by as many hair clips and candy-colored baubles as one can possibly wear at once. It's all the chaos that '00s icons laid the groundwork for, with a few new twists for the modern moment. Wear Y2K favorites like Blumarine and The Attico while brunching downtown. 


Uptown Classic

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If boho-chic is the Serena of aesthetics, then uptown classic is Blair Waldorf. Prim, proper, and polished to high heaven, these types of dressers aim for perfection at every turn. Pristine tailoring and conservative layering reign supreme, tied together by luxurious accessories that will last for years to come. The anchor pieces of any great uptown classic wardrobe? A tweed jacket, a neutral crossbody, and a pair of barely-there Manolo sandals.



Courtesy of ImaxTree

Logomaniacs, faux fur fans, color-blockers, gather 'round: maximalism is the aesthetic for you. An offshoot of the Y2K trend, maximalist dressers are unafraid of dabbling in the ostentatious and avant-garde, be it with a pair of bug-eyed Balenciaga sunglasses or a foxy Saint Laurent coat. Texture, color, and movement all in close view, this look is for those main-character types that want to see and be seen. Which, every now and again, who doesn't?

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